1. The Big Picture

    The Big Picture

    Food is essential to life. We count on what we eat to keep us strong and healthy. Unfortunately, for many people the food supply does not supply the nutrients needed for wellness and vitality. The cause: how food is grown and processed, depleted soils, degraded environments. This needs to change. Hence this site linking growing communities of interest in a “nutrients for all” world.

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  2. Nutrient Value Chain


    Human wellness and vitality depends on adequate nutrition, which is the end result of a complex chain of processes, represented here in a simplified form as the nutrient value chain: raw and processed foods, the soils and farming methods that produce them, and the natural landscapes that sustain nutrient-rich soils. Improving human nutrition as a means to enhance wellness means embracing the need for change in all the components of the value chain.

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  3. Wellness and Vitality

    Wellness and Vitality

    At all stages of life, vitality means being the best that you can be. That means not just absence of illness, but wellness in the fullest sense. To achieve that, dramatic improvements in human nutrition are critical. Why is that?

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  4. Full Nourishment Foods

    Full Nourishment Foods

    Malnourishment and obesity are closely linked problems. The solution, ultimately, is more nutritious raw and processed food. But our food supply now often falls far short of that, in poor and rich countries alike. What should we do?

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  5. Nutrient-Rich Farming

    Full Nourishment Foods

    Full nourishment foods require farming techniques that sustain nutrient-rich soils and healthy environments that support such approaches. Would we get there faster if we paid farmers based on the nutrient content of what they grow, rather than yield?

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  6. Healthy Environment

    Healthy Environment

    What if we could tap the immense potential of natural ecosystems as “factories” of essential nutrients for agriculture, food and human health? This idea has sparked creative innovations which exploit the budding “nutrient value chain” to the collective benefit of people, economy and the environment.

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Nutrients for All is a collaborative initiative to address the world's nutritional crisis. It integrates action across the full nutrient value chain - soils, farms, food, and people.

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