Nutrients for All


A little while ago, this website was previously about The Nutrient Economy or ‘Nutrients for All’. It was being driven forward by a talented Ashoka team, as well as a growing number of innovators and Ashoka fellows. The team brought out such a strong and diverse professional experience.


Suppose we valued transactions along a chain in terms of useful nutrient content not just yield or efficiency? That would be a ‘nutrient economy‘. It’s already starting to happen. A growing number of Ashoka Fellows/innovators are finding solutions and moving us toward the Nutrient Economy.

“Do you want to contribute too? Which part of the Nutrient Economy engages your interests and concerns?”

As a Consumer

Empowered with new information, consumers around the world are making nutrient conscious decisions that benefit themselves and their families.

As a Practitioner

Practitioners around the world are beginning to develop new innovations, conduct research, as well as designing programs that support and transformation to a Nutrients for All world.

As a Policy Maker

There is a great opportunity to support and incentivize activities that support a transformation to a Nutrients for All world.

I have came to a really great decision to keep this website going. So, throughout this website, you will find such information as a healthy environment, nutrient rich farming, full nourishment foods, wellness and vitality.